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2019 20:00

TM Street Band


Tal Mashiach

bass/band leader/the fifth element

TM brings the party to town. He helps to release your inner child like a volcano finally erupting from a long season of being dormant. Surrender to his musings. You’ll awaken your mind, body and soul to jumping the highest heights and twisting down low.

Yotam Ben Or


Growing up on the hilly landscape of Nataf, walking bare foot and playing to the trees, Yotam will kill you softly with his honest sound that connects with the very nature of ourselves.



Yonatan Peled

trombone/Arranger/Featured Soloist/The Pilot/

Yonotan will make you fly, literally. Just ask after the show. Not only will he have you soaring through the stratosphere with his funky sounds, he will take you on a world wide trip, if you can make him laugh.

Victor Pablo

percussionist/Latin Lover

Straight from the sunny beachside of Carolina, Puerto Rico, Victor brings summer into your heart and love into your soul with his rhythmic vibrations and tons of good vibes.



David Jimenez

drummer/quiet storm

David is the embodiment of still waters that run deep. Don’t be fooled by his sweet demeanor. He’ll bring the funk and take you by surprise.

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2019 17:00

Major Tune

Giuseppe Majorino, piano
David Tunno, drums
Jacques Pili, double bass
Hervé Letor, sax
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2019 17:00

Well Well… « Acoustique »

16u. Opening van de ticketerie (beperkte plaatsen)

17u. ConcerPatrick Riguelle: voice, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Thierry Plas: acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Eva Hautekiet: keys, piano, backing vocals
François Garny: ukulele bass, double bass, backing vocals
Jean-Pierre Onraedt: drums, percussionst

Ingang 15€. Is geldig voor een uitnodiging voor het « Well Well » elektrische concert ter gelegenheid van de release van het vinyl album.

10 oktober, « HET Huis » 46, Egide Van Ophemstraat 1180 Brussel

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