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Brussels: the legendary Archiduc to celebrate its 80th anniversary

It is one of the legendary bars of Brussels and a reference for all jazz lovers: "L'Archiduc". Located a stone's throw from the Stock Exchange, the establishment will soon celebrate its 80th anniversary. Opened in 1937 and notably held by Stan Brenders, famous jazzman of the 1930s, it literally crossed the ages.
Successful recovery

However, this bar experienced difficult times in the 80s and without a passionate buyer it could have known a completely different destiny

For 30 years, the ritual has been immutable for Jean-Louis Hennart, the owner. In the heart of rue Dansaert, in the Flemish district of Brussels, it is 4 pm when L'archiduc comes to life. A jazz temple that has become an essential reference in a particular context.

Because in 1985, it took a lot of optimism to take over the establishment.

"The pharmacy was already there. There was a Sarma and there was nothing further. It was a part of the city that was quite dark" explains Jean-Louis Hennart who believed in this project. "The place is magic. The place is wonderful. The place is really exceptional and as soon as I got back I felt all the magic of the place".

It is architecturally the place is clearly distinguished from neighboring bars. With its columns and its balcony, the art deco style, very fashionable in 1937, has been entirely preserved and has even influenced world famous creators. "In particular for Philippe Starck who was inspired by the Archduke to create the first Costes café in 1988 in Paris in the Halles district."

Cosmopolitan and music scene

At "L'Archiduc", the spirits are very diverse, like the public who frequent the establishment, French speakers, Dutch speakers or European tourists, all of whom fell in love with the place.

"It is the most beautiful cafe in Brussels and one of the oldest: the art deco aspect is splendid! I come from Limburg but if I lived in Brussels I would be here every day" explains a client.

The other particularity of the place are the numerous private concerts organized, hence the permanent presence of artists of all kinds.

An atmosphere that could last for a very long time in the Dansaert street because recently the boss's daughter is getting more and more involved, especially in the choice of groups. This Mecca of nightlife may thus remain in the family fold. Customers in any case do not seem worried because whatever happens, the atmosphere and the appearance of the place are very unlikely to be changed one day.